Now Wireless is a leading supplier of MMS, SMS and WAP server products to the mobile wireless industry, with the Now SMS & MMS Gateway server product powering SMS and MMS applications for over 3000 customer installations in more than 125 countries on six continents and dozens of island territories in between.

The Now SMS & MMS Gateway server is a powerful multi-protocol content delivery solution for SMS and MMS messaging.

Key product functionality includes:

  • Multi-protocol SMS & MMS Message Hub/Switch
  • Mobile Operator MMSC
  • E-Mail to SMS and/or MMS Gateway
  • SMPP Proxy Server
  • High Performance SMS Gateway
  • High Performance MMS Gateway
  • 2-way SMS & MMS Application Enabler (HTTP, SMPP, MM7, Java, PHP, .NET)
  • SMS & MMS Gateway for GSM Modems + Android phones

NowSMS supports a wide range of SMS and MMS protocols, and simultaneous connectivity to multiple SMSC and/or MMSC connections.

Applications can use standard protocols such as HTTP, SMPP, SMTP and MM7 to interface with NowSMS, or they can use sample APIs provided for PHP, Java and command line interfaces. (For more information on these interfaces, please see our NowSMS APIs page.)

NowSMS is a scalable solution that is affordable for development, testing, with scalability to support full production mobile operator systems.

NowSMS is available in four different editions designed to meet different customer requirements.

NowSMS MMSC Edition: This edition is designed for use as an operator MMSC, and supports full SMS and MMS functionality, including support for automatic provisioning of MMS subscribers.

NowSMS Gateway Edition: This edition is designed for service providers, corporate customers, developers and testing services. All types of SMS and MMS connectivity are supported. MMS functionality excludes support for automatic provisioning of MMS subscribers as required in a mobile operator environment.

NowSMS Modem Edition: This edition is designed for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages via multiple GSM modems or Android phones only.  All developer APIs, including SMPP, HTTP, SMTP, and MM7 are supported for client connections only.

NowSMS Lite (Single Modem Edition):  This edition is designed for simplified installation and setup. This edition supports sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages via a single GSM modem or Android phone only. NowSMS Lite can be updated to other editions by purchasing a license upgrade.

NowSMS Cloud Edition: This is a hosted version of the Modem Edition. For a small monthly fee, we provision a NowSMS server, accessible via a unique secure SSL/TLS enabled web address. You configure one or more Android phones to connect to this cloud server. All messages are sent and received via the Android phone(s). No additional service provider subscriptions are required. The Android phone requires a standard SIM card that has been activated with a messaging plan appropriate for your messaging requirements. SMS and MMS messages can be sent and received via a web interface or via e-mail. Applications can send and receive SMS and MMS messages using standard protocols, such as HTTP and SMPP, or using API examples for Java, PHP, .NET or command-line interfaces.