NowSMS Cloud Edition

NowSMS Cloud Edition enables Android phones to be used as an SMS & MMS gateway. Authorised users can send and receive SMS and MMS messages via a web interface or via e-mail. Applications can send and receive SMS and MMS messages using standard protocols, such as HTTP, SMPP and MM7, or with ready-to-use API examples for Java, PHP, VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET, or command-line interfaces.

How It Works: NowSMS Cloud Edition is a hosted service. A separate NowSMS server with a unique secure web address is provisioned for each customer. You download an app to one or more Android phones to connect the phone to your specific NowSMS cloud server. All SMS and MMS messages sent or received by your specific cloud server are routed through your Android phone(s). All Android phones require a standard SIM card that has been activated with a messaging plan appropriate for your messaging requirements.

The best way to understand it is to try it for yourself.

  • As a first step, visit our NowSMS Cloud Edition demo site. The demo site allows you to explore the capabilities and options that are available in the web interface.
  • Next, explore our API Information, which details how to interface with PHP, Java, VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET, or other HTTP based interfaces.
  • Assuming that it all still looks too good to be true, you’ll want to try it for yourself. That’s why we offer a free 2-week trial. Get an Android phone ready, and then use the form below to provide us with a few details about yourself. We’ll provision a server for you to try it for yourself. Note that a valid e-mail address is required, as your account information will be sent via e-mail.
  • Use this Quick Start Guide to get started.
  • Questions? Visit our Technical Support Forum

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  • $75/quarter – SMS only, connect 1 Android phone
  • $45/quarter – Add MMS capability
  • $45/ quarter – Add SMPP client access
  • $45/ quarter – Add E-Mail interface
  • $45/ quarter – Connect additional Android phones