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NowSMS is SMS & MMS Gateway Server Software that supports a wide range of SMS and MMS protocols including SMPP, UCP/EMI, CIMD2, HTTP, GSM Modems, MMS Encapsulation, MM1, MM3, MM4, MM7, PAP and SMTP, and includes support for using Android phones as GSM modem devices for both sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages. The MMSC Edition features operator MMSC and WAP Push Proxy Gateway (PPG) support.

NowSMS server software is available as a free 30-day trial version, available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Raspberry Pi environments.

Customers with an active Maintenance Agreement can download the 30-day trial version to update a licensed installation.

NowSMS is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple macOS, and Raspberry Pi.

Please note that either an SMS provider (SMSC connection implementing SMPP, UCP/EMI or CIMD2) or GSM modem or Android phone is required to enable sending SMS or MMS messages.

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