Sending Voice Mail Waiting Messages (MWI)

To send an SMS voice mail notification message via a menu driven interface, please see the help section titled Web Menu Interface. This section describes how to send a voice mail notification message programmatically via URL parameters.

Voice Mail Notification Messages are special SMS messages that are used to tell the user that they have voice mail waiting. On most mobile phones, the phone displays a message prompt, and the user can press a single key to be transferred to voice mail. This voice mail phone number is configurable via the mobile phone settings.

Voice Mail Notification Messages would be most often used in conjunction with voice mail systems. For example, a user may wish to combine their mobile phone voice mail with their office voice mail in a single voice mailbox. One way of accomplishing this is to configure the mobile phone to forward to an office phone number when the mobile phone is busy or unavailable, instead of the standard setting of forwarding to the mobile voice mail system (this setting can be configured via the mobile phone). If the user is unavailable, the office voice mail system assumes responsibility for accepting a voice mail message. The office voice mail system would be configured to make a request via the SMS gateway to turn on and off voice mail notifications for the mobile phone user.

For, please substitute the IP address or host name assigned to your gateway PC. (Note: is a local loop back address that can be utilized when you are connecting to the gateway from the same computer.)

For 8800, please substitute the port number that the gateway is configured to use.

Substitute the phone number that you wish to send the SMS message to for the “xxxxxxxx” in the “PhoneNumber” parameter. Use either the local phone number format, or the international phone number format (your network provider may or may not allow you to send to international phone numbers). If the international phone number format is used, note that you must substitute “%2B” for the “+” character, because of URL escaping restrictions. For example, to send an SMS to +447778001210, use %2B447778001210 instead.

The following parameters are supported for turning on an off voice mail (and other related) notifications:

VoiceMail Voice Mail Notification “On” – Turn on voice mail waiting indication

“Off” – Turn off voice mail waiting indication

“FaxOn” – Turn on fax message waiting indicator

“FaxOff” – Turn off fax message waiting indicator

“EmailOn” – Turn on e-mail message waiting indicator

“EmailOff” – Turn off e-mail message waiting indicator

“VideoOn” – Turn on video message waiting indicator

“VideoOff” – Turn off video message waiting indicator

“OtherOn” – Turn on other message waiting indicator

“OtherOff” – Turn off other message waiting indicator

VoiceMailMessageCount Voice Mail Notification Specifies an optional “message count” for the number of messages waiting associated with this notification.

For a complete list of URL parameters, please refer to the section Submitting SMS Messages – URL Parameters.