E-Mail – MMS Gateway

The MMSC built into the gateway supports the bi-directional exchange of MMS messages between mobile phone users and internet e-mail accounts.

To enable this capability, the MMSC must be able to send and receive SMTP internet e-mail. The configuration screens for the built-in MMSC, define the required settings for sending and receiving SMTP internet e-mail.

When a mobile phone user sends a message to an e-mail recipient, the gateway will convert the message to SMTP e-mail format. Individual components of the MMS message will be sent as file attachments to the e-mail message.

To send an MMS message to a mobile phone from an e-mail client, address the message to username@mmsdomainname, where “username” is the alias name defined for the user on the “MMSC Users” dialog, and “mmsdomainname” is the “Domain Name for MMS E-Mail” defined on the “MMSC” dialog. E-mail attachments that are supported MMS content types (included in the MMSCTYPE.INI file) will be packaged and included in the MMS message sent to the mobile phone.

By default, the e-mail to MMS gateway will only accept inbound e-mail messages addressed to one of the users defined to the MMSC. It is also possible to use the SMTP interface for the bulk sending of MMS (and SMS) messages by logging into the SMTP server using an e-mail client that supports SMTP Authentication. When logged in via SMTP authentication, it is possible to send an MMS (or SMS) message to any recipient, by sending to addressing the message to “phonenumber@mms.domain.name”, where “mms.domain.name” is the “Domain Name for MMS E-Mail” defined on the MMSC configuration dialog. An authenticated SMTP user can send an SMS message by addressing the message to “phonenumber@sms.domain.name”, where “sms.domain.name” is the “Domain Name for SMS E-Mail” defined on the MMS configuration dialog. To define a user account that is allowed to login with SMTP Authentication, refer to the “SMS Users” configuration dialog.

Additional information can be found in the section titled E-Mail to SMS/MMS Connectivity.