E-Mail to SMS/MMS Connectivity

NowSMS has a considerable amount of flexibility for routing messages between e-mail and SMS or MMS. However, the configuration can be somewhat complex because of controls that are implemented to make sure that users do not inadvertently setup a potentially expensive open SMTP to SMS or MMS relay.

NowSMS has the ability to function as a simple SMTP server, receiving e-mail messages and routing them to SMS or MMS recipients.

NowSMS also has the ability to function as a simple POP3 server, routing received SMS or MMS messages back to an e-mail account.

It is best to configure NowSMS first so that you can send messages from the “Web Menu Interface” to confirm that NowSMS is correctly configured before you progress to the e-mail configuration.

It is possible to setup NowSMS so that it only route SMTP messages to SMS or MMS from local applications on your network, or you can make it internet accessible for messages to be routed to selected SMS or MMS addresses.

The SMTP server is a component of the “MMSC” service. Even if you are not using any of the other MMS related functionality, you must activate the MMSC service in order to enable e-mail to SMS and/or MMS support.

The SMTP and e-mail related settings are configured on the “MMSC” page of the NowSMS configuration dialog. This section will describe these e-mail related settings. If you have any questions regarding “MMSC” settings that are not covered in this section, please refer to Configuring the MMSC.

The following topics are covered in this section: