Supported GSM Modems

NowSMS supports 2 types of GSM modems for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages:

1.) USB or RS-232 connected GSM modems that support an “extended AT command set” for sending/receiving SMS messages, as defined in the ETSI GSM 07.05 and and 3GPP TS 27.005 specifications (AT+CMGS).

2.) Android devices running the NowSMS Modem app using either local WiFi or cellular data/internet connectivity. (Avoid dual SIM devices.)

As there are thousands of different device models and variations, we do not recommend specific devices.

However, we have begun asking recent customers which modems they are using, and will update this page with this information.


Modems that work with NowSMS – February 2018


Huawei E220 and a couple of other newer Huawei models (customer unable to disconnect them to open and read the newer models) – Russia

Huawei E303 – Jordan

Google Pixel Phone – USA

Android mobile phone (doesn’t say which) as Huawei E3531 didn’t work – Jersey

Option Icon322 – USA  (also known as the Globetrotter Icon322 when purchased from AT&T

Before Android phones mostly used iTegno 38xx GSM modems – Malaysia

Huawei E3276 – Canada

TP-Link – MA180 3.75G HSUPA USB Adapter – Slovakia

Huawei E3131 – Germany

Multitech Cell 100 Series on AT&T – USA (MTC-H5-B03-KIT) – USA

Huawei E173 – Morocco

Teltonika ModemCom/G10 – Malaysia

Android phones – vivoY55, vivoY25, ASUS_X00AD, opp A37 – Malaysia

Motorola USB Modem – Argentina