Send WAP Push and Binary SMS with Android phone as modem

Posted by on Jul 3, 2014 in Support Blog

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We’ve posted an interim release of Now SMS/MMS with some additional features requested by customers using Android phones as modems. It should be noted that most Android modems do not support special binary SMS message types such as WAP Push. This update adds support for binary SMS message types with Android modems, but only for HTC phones, or rooted phones, as described below.

Version 2014.06.30 includes the following changes:

  • Android modem auto-discovery performance improvements.
  • Android modem – Implement work-arounds required for sending MMS on Virgin Mobile USA/Sprint/Boost (also requires 2014.06.15 or later app version).
  • Configuration program: Fix for crash that would occur when adding an Android modem when running on Windows XP.
  • Android app updated to request the display to remain on (but allowed to dim) while the app is active, only if the device is connected to power. This improves performance and ensures that the device is always available on WiFi. The power button can be used to turn off the screen, but depending on the device, it may take NowSMS several seconds or longer to wake the device when there is a message to be sent. Confirmation added to “Stop” button to prevent the modem service from being accidentally deactivated.
  • Android modem updated to support sending binary message types when sending via HTC Android phones supporting HTC Sense (includes most HTC phones, excludes CDMA versions, Google Play edition, or custom ROMs). This support requires 2014.06.30 version or later of both Android app and NowSMS server.
  • Android modem support updated to support binary message types using the Xposed framework on rooted phones. NowSMS can be configured to submit messages requiring PDU mode support in text format with a special prefix, allowing an Xposed framework module to intercept the message and send it out in PDU format. To enable this support, edit SMSGW.INI, and under the [NowSMSModem – devicename] header, add PDUModePrefix=xxxxxxx to specify the prefix to be used when a message needs to be sent out using PDU format. For example, see the following Xposed module: To use that module for sending binary messages, add PDUModePrefix=sendSmsByRawPDU|00| to the appropriate NowSMSModem section header in SMSGW.INI. When NowSMS has a binary message to be sent, it will submit the message in text format, starting with this prefix, followed by the PDU.

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