Sending Multimedia Content Messages

Sending Multimedia Content Messages over HTTP

To send a Multimedia WAP Push message via a menu driven interface, please see the help section titled Web Menu Interface. This section describes how to send a Multimedia WAP Push programmatically via URL parameters.

WAP Push messages are specially formatted SMS messages that display an alert message to the user, and give the user the option of connecting directly to a particular URL via the mobile phone’s WAP browser.

A Multimedia WAP Push is a NowSMS feature that is designed to provide functionality similar in concept to MMS, but with the message being handled by the WAP browser instead of the MMS client. (This is advantageous for areas where the default operator settings do not allow content from external MMSCs.)

The way that it works is that multimedia objects (images, sound files, program files) are submitted to the NowSMS gateway. Rather than packaging the content as an MMS message, the gateway packages the content as a WAP WML page with links to the embedded objects (and scaled down versions of the images appearing in-line). NowSMS sends a WAP push message over SMS to the recipient device with a URL pointer back to this dynamically created WAP WML page.

Because the URL for the Multimedia WAP Push message is dynamically generated, you can also configure NowSMS to automatically delete the dynamically generated URL link after the recipient has had a chance to retrieve the content (helping to prevent the URL from being shared with others). To enable this auto-delete feature, edit MMSC.INI, and under the [MMSC] section header, add ExpireDynamicLinks=##, where ## is the number of minutes after the link is first accessed before it should be automatically deleted.

Sending a Multimedia WAP Push message via NowSMS is very similar to sending an MMS message. Generally speaking, you should follow the same steps as described in Submitting MMS Messages, except that there special flags must be set to indicate that Multimedia WAP Push is to be used instead of MMS.

For the Now SMS & MMS Proprietary URL Submission approach, define the “MMSWAPPush=Yes” variable in the submission. This can either be done by including “&MMSWAPPush=Yes” in the URL, or you can insert another section to the multipart, which would defines the MMSWAPPush variable. For example, insert this after the MMSSubject section of the multipart in the above referenced section:


Content-Disposition: form-data; name="MMSWAPPush"


For the MM7 approach, add /TYPE=WAPP after the phone number of a recipient. This will tell NowSMS to send the message out as a multimedia WAP push instead of an MMS. For example, <Number>+44777777777/TYPE=WAPP</Number>.

For the MM4 approach, change the address in the RCPT TO: to be <> or <phonenumber/>.

For MM1, or EAIF, specify the recipient address in the format phonenumber/TYPE=WAPP, instead of phonenumber/TYPE=PLMN which is what would be used for sending an MMS.