MMS Notifications via WAP PPG

By default, the NowSMS MMSC expects to be able to send MMS Notification via its built-in WAP Push Proxy Gateway (PPG), which delivers MMS Notifcations using WAP Push over SMS.  For GSM/UMTS/WCDMA environments, NowSMS automatically generates UDH (user data header) in the SMS messages.  For CDMA/CDMA2000 environments, the NowSMS SMPP implementation supports WDP Adaptation so that MMS notification messages can be delivered via SMS using the WAP teleservice.

For other environments, it may be necessary or desirable to configure NowSMS to delivery MMS notification messages via a separate WAP Push Proxy Gateway (PPG).

Note that the WAP Push Proxy Gateway (PPG) to which the MMSC connects must support the following characteristics:

  1. If authentication is required (username/password), the PPG must support HTTP Basic Authentication
  2. The ability to receive push data in 8-bit format, with support for the MIME type “application/vnd.wap.mms-message” (note that when this setting is enabled, the WAP Push option supported by the NowSMS web menu interface will also generate push messages via the configured PPG, and in these cases, the MIME types “application/vnd.wap.sic” and “application/vnd.wap.slc” will be used).
  3. A push recipient address format of “WAPPUSH=PhoneNumber/TYPE=PLMN@domain”, where “PhoneNumber” will contain the phone number of the push recipient, and “domain” is a configurable setting.

To configure the Now SMS & MMS Gateway to generate MMS notifications via a WAP Push Proxy Gateway, you must manually edit the MMSC.INI, and create a section of this file with the header “[WAPPPG]”. The following settings are supported under the “[WAPPPG]” section header:


This setting is required. It should point to a URL that is valid for submitting messages to the PPG. The host name may be entered as either a DNS host name or IP address, and the port setting defaults to “80” if not otherwise specified.


This setting is optional. It specifies a username for HTTP Basic authentication to be used to connect to the PPG.


This setting is optional. It specifies a password for HTTP Basic authentication to be used to connect to the PPG. (Note: This setting is ignored if the “User” setting is not specified.


This setting is optional. It specifies the “domain” portion of the WAP Push recipient address (e.g., “WAPPUSH=PhoneNumber/TYPE=PLMN@domain”). If this setting is left blank or not specified, the “@domain” portion will not be included in the WAP Push recipient address specification.