WAP Push or OTA: Unknown Sender

Posted by on Aug 20, 2004 in Support Blog

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Have you encounter a problem where your WAP Push or OTA configuration message displays “Unknown Sender”?

While this occurrence does not result in a loss of functionality, it does appear less that professional. (If you have yet to experience this, send a WAP push message to a SonyEricsson P900, or some of the newer Nokia Series 60 devices.)

NowSMS v5.51 now includes the ability to specify the initiator URI, which some phones will display as the sender of WAP push or OTA configuration messages.

Under the [SMSGW] section header of SMSGW.INI, the setting “WAPPushInitiatorURI=” can be used to set the “X-WAP-Initiator-URI:” header, and “WAPPushFlag=” can be used to the set the “Push-Flag:” header.

In most instances, you will want to set the WAPPushInitiatorURI value to a web URL, including the “http://” prefix, and if only a host name is specified in the URL, include a trailing backslash to avoid problems with some devices (e.g., use “https://nowsms.com/”).

The WAPPushFlag can generally be omitted. When specified, values of 1, 2 or 3 are expected. According to the WAP Push protocol, a value of 1 indicates that the initiator URI has been authenticated by the Push Proxy Gateway. A value of 2 indicates that the content of the push is trusted by the Push Proxy Gateway. A value of 3 combines both of these settings.

“WAPPushInitiatorURI=” and “WAPPushFlag=” parameters can also be used in HTTP requests when submitting WAP Push or OMA OTA messages.

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