NowSMS Update – Interim Release 2010.05.07

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An interim update release of NowSMS is available for download at

The most interesting updated features/capabilities include:
Major SMS performance enhancements (and reduced CPU overhead) for configurations with large outbound message queues and/or a large number of outbound SMSC connections.
A simpler way to define multiple transmitter, receiver and/or transceiver connections for a single outbound SMPP connection. Previously, NowSMS allowed the same account credentials to be defined multiple times to allow multiple connections to the same SMSC. While the old approach is still supported, it is also possible to define a single SMPP connection, and then define the number of transmitter and receiver connections to be established.
A complete list of changes since the 2010.02.09 release follows:
* SMS Gateway: Add the capability to define the number of transmitter, receiver and/or transceiver connections to be allocated for a single SMPP connection, without requiring multiple duplicate connections to be defined. In the [SMPP – server:port] section of SMSGW.INI, the following settings are supported: TransmitterCount=## and ReceiverCount=##. TransmitterCount=## defines the number of transmitter connections to be established. If transceiver mode is configured, TransmitterCount specifies the number of transceiver connections to be established. If transceiver mode is not configured, ReceiverCount specifies the number of receiver connections to be established. Note that the number of receiver connections cannot be greater than TransmitterCount.
* SMS Gateway: Performance optimisations for large message queues, especially when there are a large number of outbound SMSC connections. Previously documented UseRouteCache=Yes parameter setting is now enabled by default. In the event of unexpected problems, the new routing logic can be disabled with a setting of UseRouteCache=No under the [SMSGW] header of SMSGW.INI.
* SMS Accounting Callbacks: Add SMPPOptions TLV parameters to the accounting callbacks.
* SMS Accounting Callbacks: Fix for a problem with accounting callbacks if text included “@@”.
* MMSC: Fix problem with automatic MMS version detection that was preventing some MMS clients from recognising that the MMSC supports read receipts, causing clients to send read receipts as standard messages (bug was introduced in early 2009 versions).
* MMSC: Add pre-auth callback for “MMSReadReport” when an MM1 client is submitting a message read receipt. (A pre-auth callback is not necessarily required for this event, however it is being added for consistency, since a pre-auth callback does exist for delivery reports.) Pre-auth delivery report callback also modified to include AccountingExtraHeaders if configured.
* MMSC: Fix for MMSC routing callback not including the “From=” parameter for messages submitted via the web interface.
* SMS Gateway: Fix for a routing issue where multiple SMSC connections have the same sender address, where one route has one or more preferred routes, and another route with the same sender address has “Support any outbound message traffic” checked. Messages with a matching sender address should only be routed to the first route if the recipient matches a preferred route, however it was being routed to either route. Note: This only applies to sender based routing.
* Accounting Callbacks: Add additional parameter “AcctInfo=” that can be included when
submitting a message via HTTP. If included on submission, this parameter will be passed to
subsequent accounting callbacks regarding the message.
* MMSC: Fix for MM4 message decoding problem when “Content-Location:” header contains a space character. According to RFC2557, White space characters do not appear to be valid as part of a location name in this header. A change to allow them is being implemented to address a problem where customers are receiving corrupt messages from some Verizon phones.
* SMS Gateway: New performance optimisations for performance problems with large message queues, especially when combined with a large number of outbound SMSC connections. These performance optimisations are only enabled in this version when UseRouteCache=Yes is specified under the [SMSGW] header of SMSGW.INI. (Note: UseRouteCache=Yes was made a default setting in 2010.05.07 release.)
* Internal: Include additional error checking to detect and automatically repair SQLite databases that are used for receipt tracking.
* Internal: Update SQLite databased (used for message id receipt tracking) to v3.6.23.
* SMS Gateway: Fix for 2-way SMS problem on Windows XP systems, where early 2010 versions would have problems sending replies to 2-way SMS messages because of corrupt “SMSCRoute=” information being added to the SMS message.
* SMS Gateway: Add configuration settings to disable user logging and quota management features to add performance for systems that do not need user logs and/or quota tracking. Under the [SMSGW] header of SMSGW.INI, the following settings have been added: DisableUserLog=Yes – This setting disables the creation of user specific log files in the USERS\username directory structure. DisableUserQuota=Yes – This setting disables the tracking of how many messages each user account sends in a day.
* SMS Gateway: Fix for delivery receipts message IDs not being tracked if the sender address is alphanumeric containing a ‘ (single quote/apostrphe) character.
* SMS Gateway: Minor performance optimisation for large message queues (could be major for some installations, minor for others).
* WAP Push testing parameters added to meet a particular conformance test which required support for WAP Push SI, SL and CO messages using WBXML version 1.1 and the iso-8859-1 character set. NowSMS defaults to using WBXML version 1.2 and the UTF-8 character set. To set the WBXML version, edit SMSGW.INI and under the [SMSGW] section header, add
WAPPushWBXMLVersion=1.1. To specify iso-8859-1 as the WAP Push character set, use WAPPushUseUTF8=No in the [SMSGW] section of SMSGW.INI.
* Fix for error message confusion where NowSMS would report an error about the SMPP port already being in use when the port conflict actually involved the SMTP port.

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