Heartbleed SSL/TLS Fix for NowSMS

If you are using NowSMS with SSL/TLS in a server role, please be advised that OpenSSL is used to provide this functionality, and may be affected by the widely publicized “heart bleed” flaw. To address this issue, an update for the module that provides SSL/TLS functionality (OpenSSL v1.0.1g) is available at https://nowsms.com/download/heartbleedfix.zip. This download is a ZIP archive...

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NowSMS Update Release 2011.07.05

An updated release of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway is currently available at https://nowsms.com/download/nowsms20110705.zip.  Use the executable file in this ZIP to update an existing NowSMS installation. This document details the update release history since the previous official release, version 2010.11.04.  Release history for the changes prior to the current official release can be found...

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NowSMS Update – Interim Release 2010.05.07

An interim update release of NowSMS is available for download at https://nowsms.com/download/nowsmsupdate.zip. The most interesting updated features/capabilities include: Major SMS performance enhancements (and reduced CPU overhead) for configurations with large outbound message queues and/or a large number of outbound SMSC connections. A simpler way to define multiple transmitter, receiver...

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