Send MMS Message from Command Line

A Windows command line script that enables sending MMS messages from the command line can be downloaded form

Assuming that the script file is saved as a file named smsmms.vbs, you would issue the following command to send an MMS message:

cscript sendmms.vbs recipient[,recipient2,recipient3…] filename [filename2] [filename3…] [variable=setting]

recipient can contain either one recipient phone number, or a comma delimited list of recipients, e.g., +44777777777,+44777777778 (important – do not include spaces)

filename is the name of a local file to be included in the MMS message. Similar to when submitting an MMS message via the “Send MMS Message” web form, you may specify multiple files that NowSMS will package up as an MMS message. (Note: NowSMS identifies content types based on the file extension of the submitted file, see the MMSCTYPE.INI file for the default list of file extension to MIME type mappings.)

variable=setting can specify additional URL parameters supported by NowSMS, such as:





MMSPriority=High Normal Low

MMSMessageClass=Personal Informational Advertisement












Note: If the Subject line contains a space character, put quotes around the setting, e.g., “MMSSubject=This is a test message”


cscript sendmms.vbs +4477777777 image.gif filename.txt “MMSSubject=This is a test message”

cscript sendmms.vbs +4477777777,+4477777778 image.gif “MMSText=This is some message text” MMSFrom=+44777777779 MMSSubject=Test

cscript sendmms.vbs +4477777777 image.gif “MMSText=The content of this message has been forward locked” “MMSSubject=Forward Lock Test” MMSForwardLock=Yes

Additional variable options:

MMSWAPPush=Yes – indicates that the message being sent should be sent as an “Multimedia Content Push” message via WAP Push instead of as an MMS message.

MMSSMSPush=Yes – indicates that the message being sent should be sent as an “Multimedia Content Push” message via a URL link in a text SMS message instead of as an MMS message.


System Requirements for using this script:

This script connects to a NowSMS server and posts a request to the NowSMS server to send a message.

If you do not have a NowSMS server installed, this script will not work.

NowSMS server software is installed on a Windows PC and to be able to send SMS or MMS messages, NowSMS also requires a GSM modem, Android phone, or SMS service provider connection.

Trial versions of the NowSMS software can be downloaded at

Either the Now SMS/MMS Gateway or NowSMS Lite can be used. NowSMS Lite can send SMS and MMS messages using a single GSM modem or Android phone as a modem connection. The full product supports multiple modems and/or service provider connections.

Before attempting to interface with NowSMS using scripts, you should verify that NowSMS is configured correctly and can send SMS messages using its built in web interface. For Android phone or GSM modem connections, there are quick start guides that can be found here:

Once you have verified that NowSMS is working on its own, it will be necessary to change IP addresses referenced in the script to point to your NowSMS server. Our sample scripts use an IP address of, which is a special loopback address for the current PC. If your script is running on a different system than the NowSMS server, change to a host name or IP address that is valid for your environment. It is also necessary to define an SMS user account on the NowSMS server with account credentials that match with the user account in the script.