NowSMS / NowMMS Update 2013.11.15

Posted by on Nov 18, 2013 in Software Updates, Support Blog

An updated release of NowSMS is now available for download. Version 2013.11.15 is a critical update for customers using MMSC functionality.

This update fixes two different denial of service problems and improves recovery handling of unexpected problems. One problem was new to the 2013.09.26 release and can be triggered by a corrupt message received via an MM4 connection. The other problem affects all previous versions of NowSMS and can be triggered by a corrupt MM1 message submission that is to be routed externally via MM4 or MM7.

This release also corrects a problem where some To/Cc recipient headers were lost or incomplete for MMS group messages received via an MM4 interconnect.

Additional details on this release can be found in our changes log at

For a summary of major new features introduced in recent releases, please see

The trial version download can be used to update an existing installation:



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