Burst Mode Licensing Support

Posted by on Sep 4, 2013 in Support Blog

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Burst mode is a licensing enhancement to help customers better handle bursts of SMS and/or MMS messaging activity. Instead of just tracking message throughput per minute or second, NowSMS also keeps track of activity over the past two hours, and allows unused throughput capacity during that period to be applied as a performance burst.

Performance burst activity will provide up to double the license throughput for up to 60 minutes.

For example, consider a 10 message per second license which has been completely idle with no messaging traffic for at least 60 minutes. A large bulk submission occurs and burst mode will be automatically activated to operate at 20 messages per second for 60 minutes. After 60 minutes, burst mode deactivates and the speed reverts to 10 messages per second, until there is again a period of time where messaging traffic is below the licensed limit.

That is an extreme example. In more typical usage scenarios, burst mode helps better manage the peaks and valleys of message traffic by applying the license speed cap on a rolling two hour period, allowing unused capacity from the previous 120 minutes to be reclaimed with burst mode.

Burst mode licensing support is enabled in NowSMS versions 2013.08.30 and later.

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