XML Status Query for SMSC Connection Status and Statistics

Posted by on Feb 2, 2010 in Support Blog

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We posted details about an XML-based NowSMS status query in an earlier posting: https://nowsms.com/xml-status-query-for-smsc-connection-status-and-statistics
This query reports information similar to what is reported on the “Status” page of the NowSMS configuration dialog. The query results include information about SMSC connection status, the number of messages processed via the different connections, and the number of messages pending in the queues, among other information.
The format of the XML data given in the example is relatively straight-forward, but in some environments it may make it easier to have an XSD file to document the format. An XSD file can be downloaded at the following link https://nowsms.com/download/xmlstatus.xsd.txt.
For additional information on the XML status query, please refer to the earlier posting: https://nowsms.com/xml-status-query-for-smsc-connection-status-and-statistics

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  1. From the discussion board …

    Here’s a useful tip on how to parse individual elements from the XML status query:


    The script in this example retrieves the size of the outbound SMS message queue.