WAP Gateway Blocks BlackBerry App World

Posted by on Nov 19, 2010 in Support Blog

Tunnel Nonstandard Ports

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It has come to our attention that the default configuration setting for the NowWAP WAP Gateway blocks users from connecting to BlackBerry App World.

The reason for this seems to be some unusual communication patterns between the handset and the App World server. The handset attempts to created a tunneled connection to the HTTP port (80) of the BlackBerry App World server.

Symptoms of the problem include numerous 403 errors for connections to appworld.blackberry.com:80, similar to the WAPGW-yyyymmdd.log entry below: 50373060234 [26/Oct/2010:15:39:45 -0600] "CONNECT appworld.blackberry.com:80" 403 0 "" ""

The default configuration of NowWAP only allows tunneled connections to the HTTP SSL/TLS port (443).

Tunnel Nonstandard PortsIt is possible to override this default configuration, and allow the connection by applying the following setting on the “HTTP” page of the NowWAP configuration: “Allow SSL/TLS Tunnel to non-standard ports”.

Enabling this setting will resolve the problem and allow users to connect to BlackBerry App World.

There are no security concerns involved with enabling this setting. If there are any concerns, they are commercial concerns. Most mobile operators have different APNs that provide different levels of connectivity. The default setting for NowWAP allows only standard web browsing to pass through the proxy. Enabling this setting could allow other applications to function through the proxy by allowing tunnels for other port numbers.

Future versions of NowWAP will include port 80 as an allowed tunneling port to avoid conflicts with the BlackBerry App World service.

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