Multiple Modems for Sending Outbound MMS

Posted by on Jul 13, 2007 in Support Blog

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File this as a “not so obvious” configuration feature of NowSMS….

When you are sending MMS messages via an operator MMSC using a GRPS(/EDGE/UMTS/WCDMA) modem, NowSMS only allows you to designate one of the modems as the “Default Route” for outbound MMS message routing.

So, if you have multiple modems installed, all messages are sent via only one of the modems, unless you define prefix mappings to route different phone number prefixes to different modems.

A frequently asked question is, how do you configure multiple default routes so that messages can be simultaneously routed via multiple modems?

The answer is to edit the individual routing definitions for each modem, and put “*” in the “Route messages to this account for recipient phone number(s)” field. This setting works the same as designating a route as the “Default Route” (and takes precedence over the actual “Default Route” setting).

Note that some versions of NowSMS may display a warning message: “To specify this route as the default outbound route for MMS message delivery, please select this route as the ‘Default Route’ on the next dialog.” However, you can ignore this warning. (The reason for this warning is that very old versions of NowSMS did not have the “Default Route” option, the only way to set a default route was to put a “*” in the “Route messages…” field. The “Default Route” setting was easier for people to understand, but we kept the routing logic in place to support the “*” setting as well.)

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  1. Des posted a guide that explains the above with some screen images at

  2. Hi
    i have used now sms.
    i have connected my mobile phone with the system i want to use GSM Modem instead of my mobile phone can u suggest any good and cheap GSM Modem.


    • Hi Sunny,

      There are a variety of USB stick modems on the market that are generally good choices. The following link has some reviews and notes of experiences that we’ve had with some of them: Unfortunately, it is impossible to keep up with all of the different models. Generally speaking, we’ve seen the best results with the Option ICON models. That said, they can be tough to locate (or considerably more expensive) in some markets. Huawei modems are pretty widely available in many markets, but they can be prone to lockups … if you are considering a Huawei modem, read our advice in this article on the Huawei E160 …. as the configuration advice regarding its Mobile Partner software would seem to apply to other Huawei modems as well.