NowWAP: Enabling Cookies for HTTP Header Enrichment

Posted by on Oct 19, 2011 in Support Blog

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NowWAP HTTP Header Enrichment (HHE) is described in more detail in the following article:

In addition to the HHE issues discussed in that article, we frequently receive questions about using HTTP Cookie headers for identifying the MSISDN.

These questions are usually asked for the following reasons:

  • Customers migrating from or augmenting an Ericsson MIEP may have applications that expect to receive the MSISDN via HTTP Cookie headers.
  • The Opera Mini browser has a tendency to remove the X-MSISDN header that NowWAP would usually generate.

For these reasons, recent versions of NowWAP (2011 and later), support a built-in option that can be used to automatically add an HTTP Cookie header for the MSISDN.

To enable this option, edit WAPGW.INI, and under the [WAPGW] header, add MsisdnCookieHeaders=Yes

When this option is set, NowWAP will generate an HTTP Cookie header for the MSISDN, in addition to the standard X-MSISDN header, when communicating with any content domains that are enabled for Basic HHE.

For compatibility purposes, NowWAP generates an HTTP Cookie Header using a format similar to those generated by the Ericsson MIEP:

Cookie: User-Identity-Forward-MSISDN=1234567890

If IMSI information is available via RADIUS, the IMSI will also be included in a User-Identity-Forward-IMSI cookie.



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