HTTP Header Enrichment

NowWAP: Enabling Cookies for HTTP Header Enrichment

NowWAP HTTP Header Enrichment (HHE) is described in more detail in the following article: In addition to the HHE issues discussed in that article, we frequently receive questions about using HTTP Cookie headers for identifying the MSISDN. These questions are usually asked for the following reasons: Customers migrating from or augmenting an...

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NowWAP and HTTP Header Enrichment (HHE)

The HTTP Header Enrichment (HHE) capability provides solutions for a content provider to identify a subscriber. Basic HHE allows the subscriber to be identified by their MSISDN. Aliased HHE allows the subscriber to be identified without divulging the subscriber’s MSISDN. A standard feature of the NowWAP Proxy is to provide Basic HTTP Header Enrichment to facilitate operator billing for...

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