October, 2011

NowWAP: Enabling Cookies for HTTP Header Enrichment

NowWAP HTTP Header Enrichment (HHE) is described in more detail in the following article:  https://nowsms.com/nowwap-and-http-header-enrichment In addition to the HHE issues discussed in that article, we frequently receive questions about using HTTP Cookie headers for identifying the MSISDN. These questions are usually asked for the following reasons: Customers migrating from or augmenting an...

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NowSMS Status Query with PHP

Previous articles have described the XML-based status query interface that can be used to programmatically retrieve information about the current status of NowSMS. The XML-based status query interface that reports information similar to what is reported on the “Status” page of the NowSMS configuration dialog. The query results include information about SMSC connection status, the number of...

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Repairing a Corrupt MMSC User Database

We recently had a customer whose MMSC stopped automatically provisioning new users. The MMSC user database had become corrupt, preventing new users from being able to be automatically provisioned.  While it is not known why this corruption occurred, the most common potential cause is an abnormal system shutdown, such as power failure. Future versions of the MMSC will include start-up logic to...

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