November, 2010

Update Patch – 2010.11.26

An update patch release of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway is now available for download at  This ZIP file contains an EXE file that can be used to install the update. This release contains fixes for specific problems encountered by customers.  If you are not experiencing one of the following issues, version 2010.11.04 is recommended as the current...

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WAP Gateway Blocks BlackBerry App World

Tunnel Nonstandard Ports

It has come to our attention that the default configuration setting for the NowWAP WAP Gateway blocks users from connecting to BlackBerry App World. The reason for this seems to be some unusual communication patterns between the handset and the App World server. The handset attempts to created a tunneled connection to the HTTP port (80) of the BlackBerry App World server. Symptoms of the problem...

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SMPP Information and Resources

SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) Protocol is an industry standard protocol that is used for exchanging SMS messages between peer entities.  In SMPP terminology, two types of entities are defined, a Short Message Service Centre (SMSC), and an External Short Messaging Entity (ESME). In simplistic terms, an SMSC manages SMS messages for a mobile operator network, delivering SMS messages to mobile...

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NowSMS Update Release – 2010.11.04

An interim update release of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway is currently available at  Use the executable file in this ZIP to update an existing NowSMS installation. This document details the update release history since the current official release, version 2010.02.09.  Release history for the changes prior to the current official release can be...

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SMPP Asynchronous Mode

One of the biggest limitations to SMPP performance is protocol implementations that do not support SMPP asynchronous mode, or to state it more correctly, do not take advantage of the speed boost that is possible with SMPP asynchrnous mode. SMPP Synchronous Mode = One Message at a Time In SMPP Synchrnous mode, each side of the SMPP client has only one outstanding transaction active at a time. ...

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