NowWAP, Radius Accounting and MSISDN headers

NowWAP was recently updated over the summer months to address an issue on heavily loaded systems where Radius packets could be lost. NowWAP uses these Radius accounting packets in order to determine the identity (phone number or MSISDN) associated with the device that is making a request. NowWAP includes the phone number in an X-MSISDN header when forwarding the request to a downstream content...

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NowSMS Operator MMSC Considerations

The primary considerations for the NowSMS MMSC in an operator environment pertain to user provisioning and user identification. In the standard configuration for the MMSC, it is a requirement that each user be configured with a special MMS Message Server URL. The URL contains the username and password of the user account on the MMSC. In an operator environment, it is not practical to provision...

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