NowSMS Lite

NowSMS Lite Android Modem – Quick Start Guide

This document is intended to provide a quick start for setting up NowSMS Lite to use an Android modem for sending and/or receiving SMS and/or MMS messages. The configuration steps are similar in NowSMS Editions, however there are separate Quick Start Guides available for Now SMS/MMS Gateway and NowSMS Cloud Edition that contain instructions specific to those products. GSM Modems are a quick...

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EMail to SMS & MMS Gateway with NowSMS Lite

E-Mail to SMS & MMS Gateway with NowSMS Lite: Quick Start Guide One of the typical usage cases for NowSMS is as an E-Mail to SMS & MMS Gateway. E-Mail users can send an SMS or MMS message by sending an e-mail message to a special e-mail address and specifying the recipient phone number at the start of the subject line. Or, instead of a phone number, an address book name or distribution...

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NowSMS Lite">Introducing NowSMS Lite

The Now SMS & MMS Gateway is one of the most widely used middleware software solutions for SMS, MMS and WAP Push messaging needs. When asked to explain it, we often refer to it as a Swiss Army Knife of mobile messaging protocols. Since it’s introduction in 2002, we’ve consistently updated NowSMS to support the widest variety of SMS and MMS protocols, following both the latest...

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