NowSMS NextGen Quick Setup: Mobile Operator MMSC

Step 1: Open a terminal session with the server and ensure that you are logged in with a user account that has root privileges available via sudo. Step 2: Download the NowSMS version that is appropriate for your environment by using one of the following commands: Standard Linux (Intel/AMD64 microprocessor): wget   ARM 64-bit...

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NowSMS NextGen: Multiple Servers for Scalability and Fault Tolerance

To help explain how NowSMS NextGen can support clustered servers for fault tolerance and scalability, we are reposting this thread from our support forum. Hi, Your release notes for NowSMS NextGen says: Clustered Servers – Multiple front-end servers can share their workload via a shared database, offering powerful new options for fault tolerant systems and scalability. And there is also a note...

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NowSMS NextGen for Linux (and Mac)

Now available as a beta release, NowSMS NextGen is the next generation platform of NowSMS, being released initially for Linux and macOS environments. NowSMS NextGen builds on the foundation of the existing NowSMS product. We reviewed every line of code and every configuration setting, no matter how well hidden. Anything that is possible with NowSMS is possible with NowSMS NextGen. Initially,...

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