GSM modem

GSM Modem CMS Error Code List

When sending and/or receiving SMS messages with a GSM modem, if an error occurs, the modem will report a “+CMS ERROR” with a numeric code to indicate the reason for the problem. These error codes are defined in the ETSI GSM specifications, specifically GSM 07.05, GSM 03.40 and GSM 04.11. I posted a list of CMS ERROR codes on the NowSMS discussion board almost 5 years ago at...

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Faster GSM Modem Speeds with SMS over GPRS

With the v4.11 release of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway, the GSM modem interface has been optimised to support faster message transmission, particularly when used on devices and networks that support SMS over GPRS. With traditional SMS over GSM links, it was only possible to achieve an SMS transmission speed of 6 to 10 messages per minute, depending on network factors. However, with SMS over...

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