Faster GSM Modem Speeds with SMS over GPRS

Posted by on Feb 10, 2003 in Support Blog

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With the v4.11 release of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway, the GSM modem interface has been optimised to support faster message transmission, particularly when used on devices and networks that support SMS over GPRS. With traditional SMS over GSM links, it was only possible to achieve an SMS transmission speed of 6 to 10 messages per minute, depending on network factors. However, with SMS over GPRS, and the v4.11 release of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway, we’ve tested GSM modem speeds of 30 messages per minute, or 1 message every 2 seconds, a speed that is 3 to 5 times faster than previously available with GSM modems.

While SMS over GPRS is still not nearly as fast as SMS speeds available with direct SMSC connections, SMS over GPRS does make the use of GSM/GPRS modems fast enough for a larger variety of applications.

To support SMS over GPRS, you require a mobile phone that can be configured to support SMS over GPRS, and you will need a subscription with a mobile operator that supports SMS over GPRS. (Many mobile operators are in the process of adding support for SMS over GPRS, as it can be more cost effective for them to implement on their networks.)

Our tests of 30 messages per minute over a GSM/GPRS modem were conducted with a SonyEricsson T68i connected to the NowSMS gateway with a serial cable. The mobile operator was T-Mobile in the USA. We configured the T68i to support SMS over GPRS by selecting Connect->Data. comm.->SMS access->GPRS.

It is anticipated that many more devices and modems will be introduced that support SMS over GPRS in the coming months. Below is a list of devices of which we are currently aware that support SMS over GPRS, with instructions for configuring the device to support SMS over GPRS. This should not be considered a comprehensive list of devices supporting SMS over GPRS. Consult the documentation for your device for additional information, and inquire with your network operator to determine if they support SMS over GPRS.

Ericsson T39/T65:

Settings->Data comm.->SMS access->GPRS

Ericsson T68m/SonyEricsson T68i:

Connect->Data comm.->SMS access->GPRS

Nokia 8310:

Menu->Services->Settings->Edit active service settings->GPRS Connection->Select “Always Online”

Menu->Messages->Message Settings->Default Profile->Use GPRS->Select “Yes”

Siemens S45/ME45:

Menu->Messages->Message Setup->SMS. Select Options. Select Change Settings. Select SMS via GPRS.

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