Nokia N9 Unable to Receive MMS

Posted by on Feb 13, 2012 in Software Updates, Support Blog

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It has come to our attention that there is a bug in the MMS client of the Nokia N9 which can prevent this phone from being able to receive MMS messages from a NowSMS MMSC.

The problem occurs because the MMS client cannot process an MMS notification message where the MMS Content URL contains a URL escaped parameter.  When the MMS client encounters a URL escaped parameter in a URL, it re-encodes the URL with another level of URL escaping.  As an example, if the MMS client receives an MMS notification which includes a URL with a parameter ?id=%2b, the MMS client converts this to ?id=%252b.  This errant conversion causes the MMSC to be unable to determine the message that the client is asking to retrieve.

As a work-around for this issue, the following configuration setting can be applied in the [MMSC] section of the MMSC.INI file:


This setting changes the format of the MMS content URL so that it will not include any URL escaped parameters, and will avoid the bug in the Nokia N9 MMS client.

The original intended effect of this setting was to reduce the length of the MMS Content URL by 14 bytes.  This setting should have no other effect on operation.

An updated release of the NowSMS MMSC is also available at, which implements a work-around for this problem without requiring any special configuration settings.


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