October, 2018

Selecting MMS Route when sending MMS

When submitting an MMS message, it is frequently desirable to direct the message to a specific connection. The method for doing this varies depending on the protocol being used to submit the MMS message. HTTP URL or POST Submission If you are submitting via HTTP (https://nowsms.com/doc/submitting-mms-messages/now-smsmms-proprietary-url-su bmission), you can specify an MMSCRoute=xxxx parameter,...

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Priority SMS Message Queue

NowSMS 2018 supports a priority queue for SMS messages. A user account attribute (under “SMS Users”) is use to indicate that all SMS messages submitted by this account should be processed before messages submitted by non-priority...

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Limit SMS Messages Sent Per Day, Hour, Minute, or Second

Especially useful for modem connections, NowSMS 2018 supports restrictions that can be used to limit the number of SMS messages sent over any individual SMS connection. These restrictions can be accessed from the “SMSC” page in the NowSMS configuration. Highlight an SMSC connection and press the “Restrictions” button. These settings are also available in the NowSMS Cloud...

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