April, 2014

Android Phone Modem Support in NowSMS (Now Available)

NowSMS Beta Release – Android Phone Modem Support New versions of NowSMS and NowSMS Lite will soon be available, and we are looking for beta release feedback. This beta will primarily be of interest to customers who are using, or are interested in using, modem devices to send and receive SMS and MMS messages via NowSMS. The new release will include support for using most standard Android...

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Heartbleed SSL/TLS Fix for NowSMS

If you are using NowSMS with SSL/TLS in a server role, please be advised that OpenSSL is used to provide this functionality, and may be affected by the widely publicized “heart bleed” flaw. To address this issue, an update for the module that provides SSL/TLS functionality (OpenSSL v1.0.1g) is available at https://nowsms.com/download/heartbleedfix.zip. This download is a ZIP archive...

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