September, 2013

SMPP TLV Optional Parameters

The SMPP protocol defines support for optional parameters, known as TLV parameters. Some TLV parameters are defined in the core specification, and NowSMS may use them depending on configuration settings. These TLV parameters include message_payload, source_port, dest_port, sar_msg_ref_num, sar_total_segments, sar_segment_seqnum, payload_type, message_state and receipted_message_id. (There are...

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Burst Mode Licensing Support

Burst mode is a licensing enhancement to help customers better handle bursts of SMS and/or MMS messaging activity. Instead of just tracking message throughput per minute or second, NowSMS also keeps track of activity over the past two hours, and allows unused throughput capacity during that period to be applied as a performance burst. Performance burst activity will provide up to double the...

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Emoticons and Emoji in SMS Text Messsages

Emoticons have long been part of text messaging (and before that e-mail), ranging from simple smileys such as : ) and : – ) to flowers @>–>—.  Traditionally, emoticons have been pictorial representation of a feeling or expression, with that picture being constructed by combining punctuation characters and other standard text characters.  Some messaging clients...

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