February, 2010

NowSMS Release – 2010.02.09

This document provides release history information for the current release version of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway, which can be downloaded at https://nowsms.com/download-free-trial. This document covers changes between the last major 2009 release and version 2010.02.09.  An interim update may be available at the following link:   https://nowsms.com/nowsms-update. The release history...

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XML Status Query for SMSC Connection Status and Statistics

We posted details about an XML-based NowSMS status query in an earlier posting: https://nowsms.com/xml-status-query-for-smsc-connection-status-and-statistics This query reports information similar to what is reported on the “Status” page of the NowSMS configuration dialog. The query results include information about SMSC connection status, the number of messages processed via the...

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