July, 2007

Send MMS from the Command Line

Last time, I posted a Windows JScript file that could be used to enable the sending of OMA Client Provisioning (XML Settings) documents from a command line interface. Pretty cool? Well, I thought so. But it is of somewhat limited usage to the average NowSMS customer, as the volume of OMA Client Provisioning messages being sent out via NowSMS is far less than messages of other types. What would be...

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Send OMA Client Provisioning (OTA XML Settings) from the Command Line

Three years ago on our discussion board we posted a simple Windows JScript that could be used to send an SMS message via NowSMS using a command-line interface. If you’re not famliar with the script, then you can find more details at https://nowsms.com/support/bulletins/tb-nowsms-008.htm. In the three years that have passed, I’ve referenced that script many times. After all, while the...

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Multiple Modems for Sending Outbound MMS

File this as a “not so obvious” configuration feature of NowSMS…. When you are sending MMS messages via an operator MMSC using a GRPS(/EDGE/UMTS/WCDMA) modem, NowSMS only allows you to designate one of the modems as the “Default Route” for outbound MMS message routing. So, if you have multiple modems installed, all messages are sent via only one of the modems, unless...

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