2-way SMS access to Microsoft Office, Excel and VBScript

NowSMS 2-way applications are usually built on web technologies, using PHP or ASP.Net scripting.  But we do get a fair number of support questions from customers who want to use VBScript. The advantage of VBScript is that there are numerous examples available for interfacing with Microsoft Office, especially Excel, and no extra programming tools or environments are required. As a starting point...

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Sending SMS from Microsoft Excel

A recent posting on the NowSMS Discussion Board has some interesting information on sending an SMS a link within an Excel spreadsheet. Read the full post here: https://nowsms.com/discus/messages/1/41882.html The gist of the posting is that you cannot use the Excel HYPERLINK command to do this. It would be logical to build a NowSMS URL to send a message, but the HYPERLINK command connects to the...

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Send MMS from the Command Line

Last time, I posted a Windows JScript file that could be used to enable the sending of OMA Client Provisioning (XML Settings) documents from a command line interface. Pretty cool? Well, I thought so. But it is of somewhat limited usage to the average NowSMS customer, as the volume of OMA Client Provisioning messages being sent out via NowSMS is far less than messages of other types. What would be...

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