Emoticons and Emoji in SMS Text Messsages

Emoticons have long been part of text messaging (and before that e-mail), ranging from simple smileys such as : ) and : – ) to flowers @>–>—.  Traditionally, emoticons have been pictorial representation of a feeling or expression, with that picture being constructed by combining punctuation characters and other standard text characters.  Some messaging clients...

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Shift Tables – National Language SMS in 160 characters without Unicode

The fact that messages that contain characters outside of the GSM character set require Unicode encoding and are limited to 70 characters per message instead of the expected 160 character limit, is a frustrating limitation for many languages. Messages longer than 70 characters can, of course, be sent, but they are sent as multipart (segmented) messages, and reassembled by the receiving client....

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Long SMS Text Messages and the 160 Character Limit

Ok, this post may be old news to many … but it’s a question that I get asked frequently … SMS text messages are limited to 160 characters, but on most GSM networks it is possible to send longer text messages. These messages go out as multiple physical SMS messages that are logically reassembled into a single long text message by the recipient handset. How does this work? What...

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