SMS hubbing

SMS Hubbing Considerations

NowSMS is frequently used to provide SMS message routing connectivity between multiple SMSCs using the SMPP protocol. The purpose of this document is to clarify issues that are frequently encountered in SMS hubbing configurations. In SMS hubbing configurations, NowSMS is connected to one or more service providers using the SMPP protocol. Service providers route selected SMS messages to NowSMS...

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SMPP TLV Parameters for Advanced Message Routing

There has been some interesting recent discussion about the use of optional SMPP TLV parameters to help facilitate message routing between SMS hubs. Some of this discussion can be found at the following message thread on the NowSMS discussion forum: This article attempts to summarise this information. Those interested in further information are...

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Dynamic SMS Message Routing with HTTP Callbacks

If you need control over routing to particular SMSC connections, the logic that NowSMS uses for SMS message routing is described in detail in the following article: For some installations, the routing control offered by NowSMS does not provide enough control. For these installations, an HTTP based callback exists which allows an...

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