SMPP Async Mode

SMPP Asynchronous Mode

One of the biggest limitations to SMPP performance is protocol implementations that do not support SMPP asynchronous mode, or to state it more correctly, do not take advantage of the speed boost that is possible with SMPP asynchrnous mode. SMPP Synchronous Mode = One Message at a Time In SMPP Synchrnous mode, each side of the SMPP client has only one outstanding transaction active at a time. ...

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SMPP Connection Types – Sender, Receiver, Transceiver

When making a connection to an SMPP server, there are three different types of connections that can be supported. A “sender”, or “send only”, connection is allowed to transmit messages only over the connection, it cannot receive any messages. (Some SMPP servers will still deliver SMPP delivery receipt messages over a “sender” connection.) A...

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SMSC Speed Limits

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to send SMS messages as fast as we wanted. But the reality is that there is a combination of commercial and technical limitations throughout the message distribution chain. NowSMS has commercial limitations where outbound message delivery is throttled at a per minute or per second license limit. Individual SMS service providers have similar limits that...

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