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SSL/TLS – SHA-1 deprecation and SHA-256 Support

This post is for the information of any customers using SSL/TLS server functionality in NowSMS. The industry has deprecated the use of SHA-1 signed server certificates, in favor of a more secure algorithm known as SHA-256. SHA is a popular hashing algorithm used by the majority of SSL certificates. As computing power has increased the feasibility of breaking the SHA-1 hash has increased. Plans...

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More Thoughts on the NowSMS Security Issue

An additional thought … if you are concerned about the potential security issues described in the previous blog entry, but you are also concerned that you do not want to hastily update to NowSMS 2008 without additional testing for your specific application(s), then you may want to enable Data Execution Prevention within Windows on the PC or server that is running NowSMS. As a practice, we...

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NowSMS 2008 and Important Security Issues

The 2008 edition of the Now SMS & MMS Gateway is now available for download at While the primary new feature of this version is improved performance and scalability for configurations that require throughput of 200 messages per second and higher, we want to draw the attention of all customers to this release, as it addresses a security issue that was recently...

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