Send OMA Client Provisioning (OTA XML) via PHP

OMA Provisioing Content Messages are special SMS messages that contain information used to configure certain settings of a mobile phone, such as settings for the browser (APN, proxy, bookmarks), MMS client, IM client, or SyncML client. These messages are sometimes referred to as OTA configuration messages, where OTA is an acronym for Over-The-Air. These settings are specified in an XML format,...

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Creating a Bookmark using OMA Client Provisioning

A recent posting on the NowSMS discussion board raised an interesting question. How do you use OMA Client Provisioning to add a bookmark to a mobile phone? The NowSMS web interface has a simple function for doing this using the old Nokia/Ericsson OTA format (WAP OTA), however the web interface for OMA Client Provisioning only allows a browser home page URL to be defined. While the NowSMS web...

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Send OMA Client Provisioning (OTA XML Settings) from the Command Line

Three years ago on our discussion board we posted a simple Windows JScript that could be used to send an SMS message via NowSMS using a command-line interface. If you’re not famliar with the script, then you can find more details at https://nowsms.com/support/bulletins/tb-nowsms-008.htm. In the three years that have passed, I’ve referenced that script many times. After all, while the...

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