multimedia push

Sending Multimedia Content Push Messages with NowSMS

One of the ways that NowSMS can be used for multimedia content delivery is a service that we refer to as Multimedia Content Push (also referred to as Multimedia WAP Push). When you send a Multimedia WAP Push message with NowSMS, you post all of the message content (e.g., images, video, text, applet) to the NowSMS server. NowSMS packages the content and dynamically generates a URL on the NowSMS...

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Send WAP Push from Java (or JSP)

The previously posted examples for sending SMS and MMS messages from a Java application with NowSMS can also be used for sending WAP Push messages. Normally, when we talk about WAP Push messages, we are talking about “Service Indication” (SI) messages, which are a common type of WAP Push message. MMS Messages also use WAP Push for part of the delivery process, but they are handled...

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