Bug Sending Long Binary SMS Messages to Java Apps on Motorola Devices

One of the more interesting technical support incidents of the past week comes from Mohit Kumar Sethi at 3i Infotech Consumer Services Ltd. Mohit is using NowSMS Lite to send binary SMS messages to a Java application that his company is developing. He noticed that when sending SMS binary messages longer than 140 bytes, the messages were received correctly by Nokia and SonyEricsson devices,...

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MMS to a Phone Based Application

Application Directed MMS:  Send an MMS to a Java app/MIDlet In the last post, I talked about sending SMS messages to a Java MIDlet running on a phone by using SMS port addressing. This time I want to explain how to send an MMS message to a Java MIDlet running on a phone, using MMS application ID addressing. SMS port addressing has been part of SMS, as defined by the ETSI GSM 03.40 specifciation,...

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SMS to a Port Number

Application or Port Directed SMS:  How to Send an SMS to a Java app/MIDlet It’s a common task, but a confusing one. As Java becomes more widely supported on mobile phones, one of the most obvious application needs is the ability to send SMS messages to an application and have the application take some action based upon the content of the SMS message. However, while J2ME will let an...

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