CDMA modem

NowSMS Compatibility with Verizon & Sprint

One of the major benefits of supporting Android modems is compatibility with CDMA and LTE based networks. For years, US based customers have asked us about modems that can support Verizon and Sprint. NowSMS has long supported GSM modems. GSM modems are specialized devices that accept a SIM card, and connect to a GSM-based mobile network, but are designed to be used by applications and other...

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NowSMS and Multitech CDMA Modem

NowSMS is primarily used for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages in GSM environments. In GSM environments, there have been long established standards for special “AT commands” used for sending and receiving SMS messages using a GSM modem interface. We sometimes get questions about using NowSMS with operators that use CDMA technology. This question comes up most frequently in...

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