June, 2014

NowSMS Compatibility with Verizon & Sprint

One of the major benefits of supporting Android modems is compatibility with CDMA and LTE based networks. For years, US based customers have asked us about modems that can support Verizon and Sprint. NowSMS has long supported GSM modems. GSM modems are specialized devices that accept a SIM card, and connect to a GSM-based mobile network, but are designed to be used by applications and other...

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NowSMS / NowMMS Update 2014.05.30

The focus of this release is enhancements for SMS and MMS gateway functionality, with a particular focus on GSM modem configurations (including support for Android phones as modems), e-mail gateway functionality, and automated application processing of both SMS and MMS messages.

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2-Way Commands for SMS and MMS Processing (New 2014 Features)

The 2-Way command feature in NowSMS can be used to build automated SMS and MMS applications.  When an SMS or MMS message is received, NowSMS will evaluate the content of the message, and can either execute a program, or connect to an HTTP URL, based upon the content of the message. The program or script can perform actions based upon the message content, and optionally return a reply. For the...

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