September, 2011

International Prefix Conversion for SMS

There are many situations where end users submit messages using local number formats, but the upstream SMSC connection requires that the message be submitted using an international format (e.g., include a country code and possibly require TON=1 for SMPP connections). For example, an end user in the UK might want to send an SMS message to 0777777777 using the local number format, but the upstream...

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Multiple SMPP Connections to One SMSC

Although it is possible for SMPP Asynchronous connections to process hundreds of SMS messages per second, sometimes there are performance gains by having more than one SMPP connection to the same SMSC.  This is especially the case if the SMSC has per connection speed limits, or other performance limiting characteristics. It may also be necessary to specify more than one SMPP connection to the...

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