May, 2011

SMS Distribution Lists with PHP

An earlier post described the HTTP URL formats for working with NowSMS distribution lists. This post provides some example PHP functions that can be used to simplify this process.  Now that NowSMS can support PHP scripts natively without a separate web server, it is even easier to prototype SMS applications with NowSMS. In this example, we’ll use these example PHP functions to allow users...

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NowWAP Statistics Reports

The log files created by NowWAP are of a text format that follows the common log format for web servers. These log files are stored on the NowWAP server, with one log file created for each day, using a file naming convention of WAPGW-yyyymmdd.LOG, where yyyymmdd is the 4-digit year, 2-digit month and 2-digit day. NowWAP 2011 has optional functionality which can convert these log files into a...

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SMPP TLV Parameters for Advanced Message Routing

There has been some interesting recent discussion about the use of optional SMPP TLV parameters to help facilitate message routing between SMS hubs. Some of this discussion can be found at the following message thread on the NowSMS discussion forum: This article attempts to summarise this information. Those interested in further information are...

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