January, 2011

Send SMS from PHP Script (Updated)

Quite a few people use the PHP script that Bryce provided 7-1/2 years ago for sending an SMS message through NowSMS from PHP. Over the years, we’ve added a few comments to clarify how the script is to be used.  However, one of the most limiting things about the script is that it doesn’t support any of the additional SMS URL parameters supported by NowSMS. Among other uses, these...

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iPhone MMS Message Send Failure on GPRS and EDGE

We’ve recently investigated a problem reported by a NowSMS MMSC customer where iPhone 4 users were reporting a high volume of failed MMS message sending. Our investigation suggests that this problem is related to a software issue in the iPhone MMS client, when operating outside of 3G coverage.  There is no problem in the operation of either the NowWAP Gateway or the NowSMS MMSC. (Note:...

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