April, 2010

Operator MMSC Accounting – Detecting Roaming Subscribers

One important consideration when charging for MMS messages is whether or not the user is roaming. The NowSMS MMSC can provide this information to the MMS accounting callbacks, however the requisite information is not included in the MMS accounting callbacks by default. Before the MMSC can pass this information to the accounting callbacks, the MMSC must receive this additional information from the...

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NowSMS and SSL Certificates – 2048 Bit Key

In the last 6 months, many SSL Certificate Authorities (CAs) have made a switch to requiring web servers to use 2048-bit private keys. It is believed that increased computing power will make the commonly used 1024-bit keys possible to break by 2011. There is a side effect in switching to the larger keys that some old web browsers don’t support > 1024 bit keys. I can’t find a good...

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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and the NowSMS MMSC

When the NowSMS MMSC is used in environments with mobile number portability (MNP), the MMSC may need to query a database to determine whether a recipient is local to this MMSC or if it belongs to another operator. The interface to support this is defined in the following article: Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and the NowSMS MMSC However, there is an additional issue that is not discussed in...

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