May, 2009

MM7 Schemas and MMS Version Number Confusion, revisited

Receiving this e-mail about a recent post got me thinking that it might be worth sharing these thoughts here. It’s got a little more opinion than other posts, but I think it is interesting for many people who are working with, or trying to work with, MM7. quote: Hi, I read the article, MM7 Schemas and MMS Version Number Confusion, and it answered the difference between mm7 verion and mms...

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MMSC Accounting Callbacks for Billing and Charging

MMSC accounting callbacks provide an interface between the NowSMS MMSC and external billing and charging systems. These MMSC accounting callbacks are HTTP-based. When accounting callbacks are enabled, the MMSC will issue HTTP requests to a customer supplied URL in order to interface with the customer billing and charging systems. To enable MMSC accounting callbacks, it is necessary to manually...

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