April, 2009

Missing Text Parts from MMS Messages

A recent tech support incident where users were receiving MMS messages with missing text parts of the MMS content had us rather confused. The customer was using NowSMS as an MMSC, and encountered two devices, the Motorola RAZR V8 and ROKR Z6, which were unable to receive any text content within an MMS message. As a first step of troubleshooting, we recommended that the customer disable...

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Sending Multimedia Content Push Messages with NowSMS

One of the ways that NowSMS can be used for multimedia content delivery is a service that we refer to as Multimedia Content Push (also referred to as Multimedia WAP Push). When you send a Multimedia WAP Push message with NowSMS, you post all of the message content (e.g., images, video, text, applet) to the NowSMS server. NowSMS packages the content and dynamically generates a URL on the NowSMS...

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